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Allenpromo.net – Deb & Allen Nelson

Deb and Allen Nelson started Allen Promotional Products in 2006 as an additional source of income while both of them worked other full time jobs.  Allen Promotional Products combines custom imprinted items with targeted marketing campaigns that produce exceptional promotional results.

Later that year, Deb was laid off from her postion at a major non-profit just before she was to return from maternity leave after their second son was born.  Deb ran the business on the side for a while but ramped up to more of a full time basis late in 2007.

The next year (2008), her husband was laid off from his job and all of a sudden they were running their business together full time.  Well, as full time as is possible with three kids now (4, 3 and one – all boys) at home.  They love what they do and they love doing it together!

Allen Promotional Products has  grown every year and October 2009 will mark the first time that they will hire their first two sales people.  The Nelson’s have also partnered with two retail establishments who mostly do shirt embroidery and screen printing but who often get requests for what the Nelson’s do (promotional products).

Until recently, Allen has done much of the business development and, Deb handled sales and order processing.  Her role will change with the addition of sales people but they will still be running the business together.

Take a moment to visit their clothing and hat website:


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