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Blackwingforpets.com, Blackwing.com – Two Couples That Run Two Businesses – TOGETHER! – Anthony & Amanda, and Roger & Beth

Amanda, and Anthony own a natural pet treat company, along with another married couple who are their partners. Their partners, Roger and Beth, also own a fantastic natural and organic people food company. They use the same organic meats for their pet treats as for the people foods!

Anthony and Amanda sold another business recently.  Because of the sale Amanda has played a more active role in their business, Blackwingforpets.com.  Blackwing for Pets was born to begin creating new alternatives for the most discerning dog lovers! The Blackwing Five Star Organic Beef and Buffalo Bones are unlike any other dog bones, since they are made from only Organic piedmontese Beef and Organic Buffalo. This guarantees a superior healthy dog bone free of toxins, pesticides, hormones and other added chemicals which are bad for your dog and bad for the environment.

Amanda works trade shows with Anthony and she calls on customers.  They originally met when she was managing a natural pet supply store and her knowledge of the field has been a tremendous help to the business.  The Bennie’s have a 5 yr old and a 12 yr old.  It’s a lot for them but they are finding that it makes their already great marriage even better to be working on their new dream together.

Their partners, Roger and Beth run Blackwing.com.  Blackwing has been offering healthy organic meats to retail and wholesale customers in North America for more than 15 years.  Blackwing is a leading supplier of meats to 5 star chefs throughout the U.S.

One couple handles the “pets” side of the business while the other handle the “human” side of the business. Both businesses are run from CT and IL.

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