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Cold Stone Creamery – Donald & Susan Sutherland

Cold Stone Story Founders, Donald and Susan Sutherland, scoured the world in search of the perfect ice cream.  Not surprisingly, they found that not all ice cream is created equal. From traditional hard-packed to soft serve varieties, until Donald and Susan pursued their "Ice Cream Dream"– everyone was stuck with some pretty disappointing alternatives.  But after 1988 and the opening of the first Cold Stone Creamery in Tempe, Arizona, things changed. The Sutherlands fundamentally redefined ice cream and the world would never be the same. Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is categorized by industry experts as "Super Premium." Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream is better because they make it fresh every day in every store, which puts Cold Stone completely in a class of its own. At Cold Stone Creamery, they are proud of their heritage as Ice Cream Innovators. This heritage is based on a tradition of continuously redefining plain old regular ice cream into something truly extraordinary. They call every ice cream they serve a "Creation" – because each one is a work of art. Freshly made, smooth, creamy ice cream blended on a frozen granite stone with endless combinations – fruits, nuts, candy, cookies, brownies…you name it – you can mix in to your heart’s content. Donald and Susan are so proud of theirr redefinition of ice cream that they're almost inclined to do away with the words "ice cream" altogether.  Why not just call it Cold Stone? by: Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima

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