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DrSlovin.com – Brenda Slovin & Erik Slovin

When we created Marriedmillions.com, we knew that we would find couples like the Slovin’s. Read their wonderful story below.

My husband and I met while in Chiropractic school in Marietta, GA.

It seems as though Erik had been wanting to meet me for a while. He would comment to his roommate when he would see me that he really wanted to meet me.  He never initiated contact.

At synagogue during the High Holy Days, a friend of mine invited me to break fast with her and some other graduate students at Emory U.  She invited Erik to attend too….  I decided last minute not to go… I was too hungry to wait!

Erik went and met my friend.  He asked her, “Do you know any Jewish girls at Life University?”  “Sure” she said, “You mean you don’t know Brenda?”  “Who’s Brenda?” he asked.

Well he wrote down my phone number, and for the next few weeks in school we would talk on the phone.  He would still see me in the common areas at school, wanting to meet me.  He didn’t know the girl he was calling at night, was the same girl he was staring at while in school!  LOL!

We finally met.  And after about 3 months he had the guts to tell me the story.

We dated all though school, and got engaged while at a chiropractic seminar.

We graduated school, moved to Connecticut, got married, and opened our practice all within a year of each other.  We’ve been practicing all day together ever since.

It’s been 8 years, and we couldn’t be happier.  We have a busy practice and we love being together throughout the day.

He takes care of the items I don’t enjoy, accounting, statistics… all the number stuff and I  take care of the employees, advertising, software, marketing etc.

It works well, and we still love waking and practicing with each other each day.  We’ll be married 8 years in November.

You can learn more about the Slovin Chiropractic Center by clicking here.

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