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Entrepreneurial Couples

This book examines the traps entrepreneurial couples can fall into and offers practical advice for dealing with them. For example, business owners with a full family life have greater potential for breakdown in communication than do other couples. They often fail to confront issues head-on, instead relying on compromise and other avoidance techniques to ward off conflict. “Decisions arrived at through compromise seldom last,” say the author. “Compromising about your business can sabotage your competitive edge.”


How do you balance intimacy with family life and meaningful work? Dr. Marshack shows how to assess strengths and weaknesses in each area of your life, improve communication with your partner, develop flexibility, and re-examine priorities, offering a new way to design and live a more balanced, integrated, and meaningful  life.




Chapter 1:Entrepreneurial Couples – Who Are They?


Chapter 2:Integrating Lives – Laying the Groundwork to Balance Love & Work


Chapter 3:Communicating with Your Partner – The Nuts and Bolts of How to Talk and Win


Chapter 4:Life Planning – Steps to Achieve Your Business and Personal Goals


Chapter 5:Equality or Equity – How to Find Fairness in Your Partnership


Chapter 6:Women Entrepreneurs – Are They Different from Men?


Chapter 7:Parenting and Family Life – Rounding Out Your Life Plan


Chapter 8:Wealth Management – How to Balance Health and Wealth


Chapter 9:Personal and Professional Growth – Beyond Problem Solving


Chapter 10:Stress Management – Taking Care of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection


Chapter 11:Constructing a Master Life Plan – How to Be Successful in the Twenty-First Century


by Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima