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How To Make Money With CPA Marketing


How to make money with CPA marketing

Have you ever stopped by a blog or sales page only to see insane claims of people earning 10k per month via marketing CPA offers?  It sounds absolutely nuts, right!  The reality is that this is absolutely true and there are tons of people who have created fortune 500 level businesses because of the effectiveness and ever growing CPA industry.

Like everything else on the internet, there is a lot of misinformation pertaining to how marketing CPA offers really works – so let’s clear the air and put a few things out in the open.

First off – CPA stands for cost per action.  Surprised?  Unlike traditional affiliate marketing where you are getting paid a percentage of the sale price every time you generate a sale for the advertiser, CPA advertisers pay you every time the potential buyer completes a specified action.  To elaborate a little more on this, here are some of the most popular “actions” that companies will pay you for:

·       User fills out name, email or zip code and you get paid.

·       User downloads a tool bar, software or widget and you get paid.

·       User completes a trial offer of product or service and you get paid.

Time for a reality check…

Most advertisers who choose the cost per action method are interested in gaining leads and data from their consumer base.  They are not concerned with getting the sale right then and there, but more so extracting the valuable information from the traffic to then sell to them later.  They are willing to pay you anywhere from $1 to $50+ for every email, zip code or trial offer that is completed because in the long run they will profit large – much more than the couple hundred bucks they pay out to you every month for the leads you send them.

By far, if you’re interested in how to make money with CPA marketing, then the first step would be to set up a website or blog.  The reason for this is that most credible CPA networks, such as Neverblueads and Market Leverage, require that you have a somewhat existing website and will even go as far as calling you for a brief introduction/interview. 

It may seem like too much work at first, but once you realize the quality of advertisers which are available on these networks – and the many promotional tools they provide you with – you’ll come to understand why the quality of their affiliates is of the utmost importance.  This is just one of the many reasons why marketing CPA offers is a top choice amongst elite affiliates.

by sam Leccima and Shani Leccima
Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima are Speakers, Online Marketers, Authors, Educators, Real Estate Investors, Parents, "Co-preneurs" and Cofounders of MarriedMillions.com; a company that specializes in getting couples "Un-stuck on Start" by providing actionable business information.  They have worked with companies and couples for over a decade, and believe that every couple has the love and the power to WIN:
Work together-Inspire each other-and Nurture their spouse's skills and talents.
Please feel free to re-post this article with credit noted to Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima.