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Getting your state tax ID number is relatively simple and quick. You can obtain one online in as little as 10 minutes, and it should take no longer then a week to get it in the mail.   You should go directly to:




From this point you will find the “obtain and EIN”  link to click on the website and you can finally fill out the paper work and submit.


When you are filling out the paperwork, you will need to state what entity you will be using.  If you have not formed a corporation, or an LLC yet then being a new business or a sole proprietorship will suffice until you become a bigger company.  This whole process should only take about 30 mins. The next step will require you to pay whatever small fee your state requires.   Then wait until the IRS mails you the hardcopies of your documents.  Most states will send you the number through both email and a physical documentation through the post office.



Never, ever PAY for a Tax ID Number!  You can get one for free on the IRS website.  Do not let anyone tell you they can get one faster for a fee.



by Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima