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Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima Present:Mamabargains.com – Jessica and Stanford Singer

Singer Family

Mamabargains.com is an idea Jessica and Stanford Singer had toyed with for a long time – it was an obsession with another popular site which focuses on selling premium outdoor clothing for killer deals that was so exciting to them. This and a combination of having two young children, being frustrated with websites that are far too complicated and the fact that everyone loves a bargain! From these thoughts, in early 2008, the idea of Mamabargains.com was born. Their official launch was May 19th, 2008.

Here they are, the original one deal at a time website for anyone interested in buying top notch parent, baby and kid items at the best prices you will find anywhere. Jessica and Stanford work tirelessly to find the best vendors, and it is not easy! They both feel that if there is a bargain to be found out there for a brand name, high end, mom, baby or kid item, than they will find it.

The Singers have grown organically and from the ground up from their own savings. They have no investors. They have no media contacts and have done no marketing campaigns, yet they continue to grow at the rate that any company that has those advantages does. Jessica and Stanford would much rather spend their dollars on passing all the savings on to the customer, as humanly possible.

Mamabargains.com was publicly nominated 19th place winner in Startup Nations Top 200 Leading Moms in business competition in 2009. Of hundreds, possibly thousands of applicants, Mamabargains.com placed 19th in the nation.

Most recently, Jessica Singer was asked to speak at the Rural Utah conference for business owners and entrepreneurs by Senator Bennett here in Utah (August 2009). What an honor, and amazing experience for a growing business to be given the opportunity to share their success story with other future entrepreneurs.

Mamabargains.com is for you, by you and about you, the moms and dads of the world who want a great deal on a great product. It’s about time – Are YOU Hooked Yet?

Samuel Leccima and Shani Leccima are the co-founders of Marriedmillions.com – The Essential Business Website For Married Couples.  They are also the authors of “Married Millions: The Ultimate Business Guide For Married Couples.” Download a free copy of the book here.  Feel free to leave a comment about this post.

by: Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima

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