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Milkstars was created by a new mom who, like so many others, dreaded getting dressed after her baby was born. While she was pregnant, Jamie Rubin had her pick of designer clothing to flatter her growing bump. But, the party ended once she gave birth and took up nursing. Suddenly her clothing options ranged from boring, to ugly, to downright odd. The designers who had her back (and her belly) for 9 months were suddenly nowhere to be found and she couldn’t understand why. In her opinion there was no reason the cute and trendy looks she saw in her favorite boutiques and department stores couldn’t be available to the nursing mother.

So, after months of searching for clothing that made her feel like herself again and turning up empty handed, Jamie decided it was up to her to create a chic nursing shirt she’d want to wear even if she wasn’t breastfeeding. The result is Milkstars; a brand new clothing line designed from the ground up to strike the perfect balance between fashion and function. By placing an emphasis on style as well as innovation, Milkstars is thrilled to bring some flair and sophistication to the neglected and growing market of nursing women.

Jamie and Jonathan spent months interviewing nursing mothers about what they wanted in a nursing shirt and tested a number of fabrics and fits to get it just right. The result is a super soft top with a remarkably stylish fit. Many women have told the company they want to wear our shirts even when they aren’t nursing!

Based on the input from those and many other women, they created the entire Milkstars line from a super soft rayon/spandex blend to offer nursing mothers a comfortable and flattering fit from day one. The fabrics are particularly absorbent which means our tops are better at concealing the leaks and sweat stains common for new nursing moms.

Their shirts are perfect for nursing on the go, lounging around the house, and for working mothers looking for a polished top that can easily accommodate a breast pump.  Their special design offers a mother two ways to access her nursing bra; one is perfectly suited to nursing a baby in a sling or other baby carrier.

The entire Milkstars line is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

About Jamie

Before she began Milkstars, Jamie’s fashion background consisted of a lifelong love of clothes (and shoes and bags and accessories…). She earned her shopping money as a news producer, most recently at Yahoo! News where she co-produced a number of high profile interviews and events including the first online-only interview with then President George W. Bush and the first online-only debate among the Democratic candidates for President in 2007.

Before joining Yahoo!, Jamie spent almost five years at the cable news network MSNBC producing segments for primetime talk shows including the legal program “The Abrams Report,” hosted by Dan Abrams and the political show “Buchanan and Press” hosted by Pat Buchanan and Bill Press. She also contributed to financial and entertainment news programs and blogged for MSNBC.com.

Jamie began her career as an associate at the National Basketball Association helping NBA and WNBA teams grow their fan bases and increase ticket sales. She was also a researcher for the award-winning documentary “New York: A Documentary Film” by Ric Burns.

Jamie is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University. She now lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband where she spends her days chasing her daughter Julian around the house and her nights dreaming up fashion-forward looks for nursing moms.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Gordin has over 10 years of experience as a Human Resources Professional. He spent the bulk of his career at Mercer, consulting to Fortune 500 clients in the New York and Los Angeles offices. He is thrilled to support his wife Jamie in their new business venture. As Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan’s role is to oversee finance, purchasing, and production. He has also gotten very involved in specific sales projects including targeted marketing campaigns. Jonathan has a BA from Columbia University.

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