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Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima Present:Moisturejamzz.com – Sandy Abrams & Ron Abrams

Dry hands are usually not a good thing, unless you are Sandy Abrams, the founder of Moisture Jamzz, Inc. who updated, upgraded and modernized the old white-cotton-glove beauty secret. The secret has been passed down for generations… because it works.  With Moisture Jamzz, it works even better.

Moisture Jamzz has built a reputation for quality fabric and craftsmanship.  Their signature designs make Moisture Jamzz a top selling accessory in the beauty/spa industry and the Moisture Gloves have been featured in top lifestyle publications such as In Style, The New York Times Style section, Cosmo, Redbook, Modern Bride, Launch Pad.

Sandy runs Moisture Jamzz with her husband, Ron.

“My husband retired from being a trademark lawyer 15 yrs. ago when my business started taking off.  We still run it together today & love working together.  Its been such a blessing for our kids. We work out of the house and are around for the kids, who are now 11 and 13 years old.  My husband absolutely loved  as he says “checking his ego at the door” 15 years ago, leaving an unsatisfying law career behind to do jobs that he was way too over qualified to do like be our shipping clerk and deal with  accounts receiveable etc…But because it was our own little business, he was thrilled!

I had developed a moisturizing glove for the spa industry and nobody could believe my husband left a lucrative law firm job to run the business side of my beauty product business, no one thought it would last!

We have sold our line, Moisture Jamzz, in Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens NThings, Brookstone, Bloomingdales, QVC and private labeled the moisturizing gloves for many of the big names in beauty like Estee Lauder, H2O PLUS, Bath & Body Works, Crabtree & Evelyn and more…

Because my husband handles all the stuff that would give me headache (insurance, accounting, employee issues, etc) , and I handle sales and marketing, we don’t nag each other and neither one of us in the “boss” , we are each in charge of separate things, so its a perfect partnership!”

by: Sam Leccima ans Shani Leccima

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