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Mygovcoach.com – Kelly & Brian Fleury

Kelly and Brian Fleury operate a young business together called www.mygovcoach.com. Kelly is the “face” and Brian is behind the scenes. He is a former professional hockey player who now works with emotionally disabled children in the Fairfax County public school system. Kelly is an 18-year veteran of federal contracting. They’ve put his passion for teaching leadership and his coaching skills, and her industry knowledge and passion for small business together to create a business that is helping to solve a problem that is near and dear to their hearts—the plight of small businesses in federal contracting. Their business operates on a membership model. Kelly and Brian began creating this concept at the end of December 2008, registered the business in April 2009 and began populating the site. They went into beta in September 2009, and the site will go live to the public in November. They’ve gained the partnership of the ASBL (American Small Business League) and AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association). They have a minority partner, Bob Reynolds, who is a retired Air Force Colonel and former pilot.

Important Fact:

“Did you know that only about 2.5% of all U.S. small businesses have an sort of federal work at all? Small businesses make up 99.7% of all employers, and account for 97% of all new jobs (and 75% of net new jobs), yet they are promised only 23% of all federal contract dollars. And by the way, the government doesn’t even make good on that. It has missed its annual goals consistently for years. Part of the problem is the way the government functions. Other contributors are lack of access to and relative affordability of resources, and lack of correct knowledge (versus the incorrect information the government routinely distributes) of how to proceed. MyGovCoach stands in the service of small business by acting as a resource aggregator, reducing the cost of necessary resources by about 82% for small businesses, and by acting as educators, mentors, coaches, and community-builders. We hope to do our part to revitalize the community by helping small businesses succeed in federal government contracting, and by making the government pay attention to our vital small business community.”

Brian and Kelly have kind of an unusual “meet” story as well. They’ve been in the same towns, even the same facilities at the same time, for years without ever meeting. This has gone on since Kelly was 13. They have lived in four separate states (in the same precise neighborhoods) over 15 years and never met. Kelly had been friends with Brian’s brother for years, and they didn’t meet for years. Kelly has also been roommates with their now-sister-in-law, and she had lived across the street from Brian’s mother. After 15 years of this going on, they finally met (he rescued her from a drunk in a bar), and married in 2004.  They have three beautiful children, and a great extended family household that includes Brian’s parents, in addition to their fledgling business.

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