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No B.S. Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy is another must read for every married couple that runs a business together. Dan has just published an entire series of books which are as good as they get. In this book he has identified twenty five wealth magnets. Much of it we’ve all heard before but you can’t help getting hit in the head with this information enough times. And Dan hits you hard. There is no sugarcoating of information here. Of course, the challenge is always to do something with this powerful information. In this review we will will share are some of the “No B.S.” insights we’ve gained from Dan.

It’s very important to watch the language we use. Such as the words, “fair share”, “market share”, “hard earned” and so on. “If you believe at all, on any level, that wealth is limited, that there’s not plenty to go around, you will hold back; you won’t take everything that is right in front of you. Your emotions about wealth will be cautious, measured, restricted, suppressed, and timid.”

“Integrity for the entrepreneur is optimizing sales, profits, and value in the business he captains.” The business owner who pulls his punches lacks integrity.

One of the biggest secrets of successful entrepreneurs is a past bankruptcy. It helps them to understand that in the end, there is very little to fear. They can take things away but that can’t take you away. Bankrupt Alumni include P.T. Barnum, David Buick, Walt Disney, James Folger, Henry Ford, Conrad Hilton, J.C. Penney, Sam Walton, William Fox, H.J. Heinz, and Frank Lloyd Wright!

“Think value, not time. Wealth is a reflection of actual value!” This realization is key. It’s not about working harder. It’s about adding more value.

“Time on the job, years doing your job, does not increase the inherent value of the job being done. In most cases, after the first few years, it doesn’t increase the value of the employee either. It doesn’t bring thirty years experience to the table either. It brings one year of experience repeated thirty times.” Note: Employers really need to hear this! Force people to bring more value before you provide them with a raise. Some of Dan’s ideas for increasing your value include: added expertise, added skills, greater productivity, greater effectiveness, new relationships, strategic influence on the business, and so on.

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by Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima