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Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima Present:Peppyparents.com – Eric Mindel & Heather Mindel

PeppyParents.com was started by a husband and wife team with two young, active children. It has been built by parents, for parents.

The founders of PeppyParents.com, Eric and Heather Mindel had unsatisfying experiences with baby superstores and big department stores when shopping for baby gear. Products looked similar, and there was rarely helpful guidance from the employees. Boutiques were hit-or-miss, since the little shops often have a very limited selection. At the mega-stores online, it was overwhelming to sort through hundreds of strollers, carriers, blankets, and accessories. The founders realized the value of doing work to evaluate products first, and then let the customer benefit from it.

Every product at PeppyParents.com has been selected by real parents! We have a wide range of prices on items, and we feel a responsibility to deliver great value for your dollar no matter what you order.

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by: Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima Present:

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