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Go Daddy Featured Offer: $3.99 .Com with Free Privacy. Expires 1/15/13Every great home needs a great address. Likewise, every great website needs a great domain address. It is where people can find you. The wonderful thing about working online, is that your new address can be 'anywhere' so to speak, by choosing whatever [.com] name you like. GoDaddy has real live people who are available on the phone who can help you get that name. We have worked with them for several years and love that they are folks who like to help 24/7. Click on the banner above and get the first building block of your online business started.


Setting up your site with hosting is the next part of getting your business online…WE ARE NOT Tech People, but like to use vendors who are very understanding about that fact and can help with superior customer service. Click on the Banner above and call the toll free number…Talk to the folks there and get your questions answered. We have personally found them to be very helpful, and many go beyond expectations to make sure you get the information you are looking for.

Every office needs a fax number, just in case, right?   But we don't always need a machine to take up space in our "mobile office."  We "JUST NEED THE FAX."

Efax has been a part of our office for over four years now and we still love it!  It's been very  convenient   and simple to use.  You can have a document signed and back in a few minutes via email instead of having to take making sure that the  fax machine is switched on, in the correct mode, has enough ink,  paper loaded correctly, etc.  

They are great at customer service and will answer your questions…Again we are fans of companies that cater to us "non-tech people."

1 FREE Audiobook Credit RISK-FREE from Audible.com We love a good book. But  we don't always have the pleasure of sitting down with one.   Audible gives us these good books at the touch of a button. Get your copies of the classics and the books that are on the best-seller lists. Your education can come in many forms…and audio is a great one.

Down load  a book and listen  on the lapotp, the mp3 player, and your cd player. We burn cd's and play them in the carpool lane 😉  Get your education for your business now. 

Leave the Pain of Newsletter Design To Us - AWeber Email Marketing

Look at any website that is successful and it has one thing for sure…a way to make a list and keep in contact with them.   

Aweber is one of the systems that will help you make that list and get your messages to them.  Emails, Anouncments, Newsletters, and more…They can help you deliver them to your whole list they way you want.  Marketing to the folks who have raised their hand and said they like your message will always be far easier than talking to those who haven't.  Keep that list in order, and deliver to them in a timely fashion, right here.

Click on, and give them a call…again it's customer service to the rescue for us non-techies 😉 They are perfect for getting a growing business started in the right direction, with systematic simplicity!

300x250 logo on bottom and organge Now that you have your business up and running with all of the bells and whistles moving, how do you let the world know? EReleases is the answer. Let the press do the talking… These are REAL people who cater their work to YOUR business and to YOU. Get ready for phone calls and emails from new fans and clients…Click on and talk to them (via mail, email, and phone) about letting everyone know that you are open for business right now!

Legal Match. The name says it all…Your business is special and needs specialists. Legal Match will get you the attorney who can answer your questions, help your issue, in your specific state! Click on and get the advice you need at a cost that a new business can handle.


There are varied needs and requirements that every business will have. Most of these needs will have a strong line of credit as a prerequisite.  However you will, most often, depend on the personal credit that you have. Your personal credit cards have been extended to you as an acceptance of your abilities to clear off any outstanding amount on it.

What distinguishes you as a successful business today? The answer to this is fairly simple. The difference lies in the understanding of the need to establish business credit.

Best to remember that your personal credit cards are what you can bank on in a personal emergency. Dipping into this piggy bank of savings will not put you in good standing as your business will have limited chances of growth without some business credit.

Click Here! to get more information how your business can get Business Credit.

by Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima