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The Body Evolution – Jason & Heather Hansen

The Body Evolution Jason and Heather Hansen The Body Evolution was founded by two fitness and supplement gurus. Jason and Heather Hansen.  After competing and winning the 2000 Mrs. Utah America pageant, Heather ( who was on a strict diet) tried to continue drinking protein shakes but could not stand it anymore. She would complain to her husband Jason about the thick, hard to mix what she called ”Sugar filled mudshakes.” After her competition, she challenged Jason to lose some weight. Being an athlete his whole life, Jason paid attention to the physical aspect of running, lifting etc. in his sports, but never focused on the nutritional side. He took Heathers challenge and had no problem with the workout side of losing weight, but could not stand the taste of the shakes and supplements he was taking. Jason decided to begin his quest in formulating a great tasting Meal Replacement Protein Shake that would have an 85% absorption rate with no artificial flavors, colors, sugars, unnecessary fats, hydrogenated oils or lactose in the product. He thought it was ridiculous that he had to take a protein shake, amino acid supplement, glutamine supplement for muscle recovery and a multivitamin pill, instead of just drinking one shake. He told Heather he was going to come up with the first ever complete MRP product. What he never expected was he was about to develop a David amongst Goliaths. Jason visited with over 10 manufactures and suppliers of nutritional supplements. The majority told Jason that there is no way to place all of those ingredients in a shake and make it taste good and mix easy. Jason, didn’t give up. After much research, Jason found a bio-chemist formulator that has created some of the best selling supplements and cleanest supplements found in America today. With Jason’s insight and vision of providing such a profile in a protein shake, Evolve was born. Initially, Jason bought the supplement himself and began to take it to the gym with him. It was at the gym, that many people would ask about the unlabeled white bottle he would carry around in his gym bag. Jason began to give people samples and no one could believe that this was a protein shake. It tasted way too good and mixed way too easy!  Even Jason’s world known trainer and Professional Powerlifter, David Edgell had a hard time believing the product was for real. Jason achieved fantastic results and competed in the Utah Natural Mountain States Bodybuilding show that year. He put on an amazing 20lbs of lean muscle for that show! The supplements had worked. Jason went from a mere 162lbs to 182lbs of pure muscle in just one year. After six months of trial and error, Jason sold his first bottle of protein to a small Health Shop in Utah and opened The Body Evolution. Over one million shakes later, Jason and Heather Hansen still believe in providing the highest quality lineup of products at a reasonable price. As food costs and protein costs have soared, Jason and Heather have remained steady and constant in providing the same level of protein that they have for the last eight years at almost the exact same price. They are continually approached to dumb down their product and make more money.  But, have stood steady in providing a product that really works! Jason enjoys competing as an Open Natural competitor in bodybuilding. He has competed in over 8 shows and has never placed lower than fourth in his class. He also has competed in a National Strongman competition where he placed sixth out of 56 competitors and weighed in as one of the lightest competitors at the competition. He consistently powerlifts and supports the sport of powerlifting. He also has consulted and helped hundreds of athletes and everyday people achieve their high level dreams. He also loves to snow ski, waterski, hunt, fish and play with his 3 beautiful kids.  He is extremely active in his community, church and neighborhood. Jason believes in his products more than anyone else. He drinks two MRPs a day and two blended whey shakes each day. He also is an avid believer and user of both Creatine Power Plus and glutamine empowered products. But, his favorite thing in life by far is his beautiful wife Heather. When you see them together, you know they are in love. Heather enjoys an active lifestyle with her family, scuba diving, powerlifting, pageant consulting, figure fitness training, snow and water skiing, cycling and is a great Mom! She is a friend to all and also has consulted with hundreds of people to help them lose weight and feel good about life. She competed in pageants for years and won the most esteemed pageant in Utah the Mrs. Utah America pageant in 2000. She is very active in her community, church and family.  Her favorite thing in life is laying by a pool with Jason and reading a good book. When you see her, you will know. It is hard to not stare at her, because she is so beautiful!! Heather is a firm believer in food that tastes good. She loves the shakes mostly because they taste good mix easy and have all of the RDA for her daily vitamins and minerals. For more information visit www.thebodyevolution.com by: Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima

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