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Tpgtex.com – Orit & Robert Pennington

TPGTEX is an experienced labeling and solutions provider of all aspects of AutomaticIdentification and Data Collection (AIDC). With over 20 years experience in the Hazardous, Industrial and Commercial Labeling business, their client list includes both large corporations and small companies alike.

Orit and Robert have been working together – running their business for 7 years now. They have 4 kids and work from their home offices.  They have 2 offices at home.

The Pennington’s met in another place ( a company that is no longer in business).  He was the boss and she was a help desk technician.  It is the second marriage for both of them.

Like most couples that work together the Pennington’s basically spend 24 hours a day; 7 days a week together and neither one of them would have it any other way. After 7 years they still love what they do, love each other more every day and they are doing well in our small business.

Orit and Robert run their business with three distinct philosophies in mind:

1. The clients needs come firstTPGTEX is committed to focusing on the clients needs. They will only recommend solutions that fit a business’ budget, timeframe and requirements. Over the years they have saved thousands of dollars for their customers by insuring that they only get the barcode and labeling software, scanners and labels they actually needed.

2. Education and Training: The Pennington’s strongly believe in educating their customers, empowering them to solve basic problems on their own, without the need to call for support every time they experience a problem. The company’s training is customized to the skill level and knowledge of each customer and each user.

3. Implementation: Implementation should be easy and not a complicated process. TPGTEX strongly believes that there is no “One-Size-Fits-All”, an approach so common in the labeling industry. The company prepares the ground work with the customer, so when the time comes to install – the client company is ready.

Robert Pennington has extensive experience of over 30 years in the chemical industry, specializing in computerized hazardous chemical Databases, Labeling and MSDS systems. In 1995 he designed for ELT it’s leading product “DrumMaster” and integrated it with various databases and packages. i.e. SAP, J.D. Edwards and other ERP and MSDS systems. In 1999 he helped form EV1 – a very successful ISP, and as VP was responsible for over 250 people in support and software development as well as instrumental in the creation of one of the largest web hosting companies in the US. In 2002 he founded TPGTEX, as a Label solutions company. The company concentrates on finding solutions for any industry or business wishing to print labels using existing data resources or creating new ones for them.

Robert holds a BBA from Emory University in Computer Science and Finance and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Orit Pennington – prior to joining TPGTEX, Orit’s background included designing and the implementation of numerous training programs for various organizations, beginning with the Israeli Army. Since 1998 she worked as a support team leader becoming the Supervisor’s manager, at RackShack – which at the time was one of the largest web hosting companies in US. Orit performed analytical evaluation of customer needs and designed customer focused support procedures, followed by training and supervision of the ongoing work. She has designed number of web-based systems, including an intricate inventory control package. Also Orit was involved in the marketing strategy decision making in the company. In 2002 Orit helped form TPGTEX, implementing the motto: “fit the solution to the customer – not the other way around”

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