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Sam Leccima & Shani Leccima Present:Word-Nerd.com – Jenn Cohen & Gary Cohen

Jenn and Gary Cohen have been married about 2 1/2 years now, and they started their business, Word-Nerd.com, this past summer.  It is truly an amalgamation of their strengths and abilities, and has been a “source of a lot of joy for us (frustration, too, but then again, it is a start-up business!).”  They both have “day jobs,” too, so they are juggling the demands of their other careers with the sweat and tears of running their own business.  “As you might imagine, life is crazy!”

Word-Nerd teaches vocabulary to students for the SAT and other standardized tests.  Jenn has been an occasional SAT tutor and former class instructor for years, and in the spring was tutoring a student that needed vocabulary help.  Her day job is psychological testing, and she knows a bit about learning theory, and wanted a resource for this student that grouped hard-to-learn words by category to make them easier to remember.  After researching what was available, Jenn quickly determined that everything in existence at that point was pretty useless.  She complained to Gary, and he said “well, why don’t we do it?”  And that was the beginning…

Gary is a former attorney, who has recently emerged from creating a start-up online media company, which was eventually sold. He’s currently working as a  legal recruiter, but he obviously has a lot of business experience and as a bonus, could do all of Word-Nerd’s legal work!  He found and engaged the company’s web designer, and has been the primary person for handling all of the “business stuff,” while Jenn has done the majority of the site content and marketing efforts.  “Business is slowly picking up, and we have high hopes for the future, with lots of ideas for related sites to pursue next year.”


by : Sam Leccima and Shani Leccima

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